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In line with current best practices, Big Country Guiding has cancelled it's spring 2020 trips. Under these special circumstances, partial refunds are available.

 We are discussing trips in 2021 and beyond, and will start guiding when indicated by Health Canada.

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backcountry ski and snowboard adventures


Lead Guide
Joel McBurney

ACMG Ski Guide
CAA Professional Member

From taking his first professional level avalanche course with the Canadian Avalanche Association in 1995, to becoming a certified Ski Guide with the ACMG in the early 2000's, Joel's career is an ongoing journey featuring incredible landscapes and inspirational people.


Day Trips near Nelson, BC

Explore classic Kootenay terrain, a mix of alpine bowls and superb tree skiing. Kootenay Pass and Whitewater ski area backcountry provide easy access options.


Japan really is an amazing place to visit. The food is off the hook (freshly off the hook!), civic society respectful and organized, and of course, you have the landscapes and snow.

Remote Lodges

A lodge trip could be considered the ultimate ski touring experience. 

Half or full week options at a host of great venues


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